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Valencia Gardens Nairobi
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Felix Abur
Felix Abur
21:18 25 Dec 22
Nice outdoor dining experience. Good Kenyan cuisine. Fantastic service. Nice pub for drinks with friends and wonderful grounds for tent events
21:40 26 Nov 22
It’s a good environment with plenty of parking lot. Car wash guys are friendly and good at their work. Would recommend more people to visit
Emma Nyabera
Emma Nyabera
05:13 23 Nov 22
This is a very nice place to host small group functions. The food is reasonably priced but very nice and the ambience is fantastic. Both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are sold in this facility.
Theresa Muya
Theresa Muya
04:47 19 Oct 22
Love every moment I go. The service and food is exceptional. The resident DJ had us dancing till 2am. Spectacular mixes. Would highly recommend
Dano Kĩrĩro
Dano Kĩrĩro
19:22 12 Sep 22
Nice gardens, big space green and very well light. Usual food nothing special but nice clean and good. Perfect place for birthdays and small functions and such. Or just out to have a drink with friends. Family friendly and all round nice
B -
B –
13:49 27 May 21
Very quiet. If you like green spaces then I give it a 5 and if not it stays 3. Good food (Try the Nyama choma – its tasty). If the day is summer warm then you can enjoy the place immensely with kids running around the garden. If it cold or rainy then nah. But it’s good if you want solace also – get a book and relax.
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